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The specifications of the Juniper QFX5110-FANAFO are:

  • The Juniper QFX5110-FANAFO is a fan tray designed for Juniper QFX5110 switches.
  • It provides efficient and quiet cooling for the switch components.
  • The fan tray is hot-swappable, allowing for replacement without disrupting network operations.
  • It has four redundant fans for added reliability and airflow.
  • The QFX5110-FANAFO operates at a low noise level, making it suitable for deployments in noise-sensitive environments.

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Juniper QFX5110-FANAFO Cooling Fan: Optimal Airflow for Your QFX5110 Switch

The Juniper QFX5110-FANAFO is a cooling fan specifically designed for use with Juniper QFX5110 switches. With its compatibility and efficient cooling capabilities, this fan ensures optimal airflow for your network infrastructure. Whether you require a “front-to-back” or port-to-FRU airflow configuration, the QFX5110-FANAFO cooling fan delivers reliable performance.

Key Features of Juniper QFX5110-FANAFO:

  • Field-Replaceable Units (FRUs): The QFX5110 series features fan modules that are easily replaceable even while the device is operational. These FRUs allow for seamless installation and removal, ensuring minimal disruption to your network.
  • Dual Airflow Directions: Supporting two airflow directions – Airflow In or Airflow Out – the color-coded fan modules are strategically placed between the management panel and power supplies. This strategic positioning optimizes cooling performance and enhances the overall efficiency of your QFX5110 switch.
  • Numbered Fan Module Slots: With fan module slots numbered 0 through 4, counting from left to right, and featuring easily identifiable fan icons, accessing and managing your cooling fans is hassle-free. You’ll always know exactly how to replace or maintain your fan modules.

Juniper QFX5110-FANAFO Vs QFX5110-FANAFI:

It’s important to understand the distinction between the Juniper QFX5110-FANAFO and QFX5110-FANAFI fan modules for the QFX5110 switch:

  • QFX5110-FANAFO: This fan module is designed for port-to-FRU airflow, where air is drawn in through vents on the end with ports and exhausts out through the end with the fans (front-to-back airflow). The QFX5110-FANAFO requires power supplies labeled as AIR OUT.
  • QFX5110-FANAFI: On the other hand, the QFX5110-FANAFI is designed for FRU-to-port airflow. Air is drawn in from the end of the switch with the fans and exhausted from the switch end with ports (back-to-front airflow). The QFX5110-FANAFI must be used with power supplies labeled as AIR IN.

To ensure optimal cooling and proper operation of your QFX5110 switch, it is crucial to match the airflow direction of the fan modules with the corresponding power supplies. Our team of experienced network professionals is available to assist you in selecting the appropriate cooling fans for your specific needs.

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Cooling Fan


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